Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays, and Thank You

This is a good time to say "thank you," and wish a Happy Holiday and peaceful new year to everyone (both of you) who follows this blog. This has been an interesting year in PCI (we got version 2 rolling) and, unfortunately, information security (for a slide show of the biggest security breaches of the year, click here).

It has also been a great year for the Treasury Institute. We had the biggest PCI Workshop ever in May, and I personally look forward to trying to top that program in 2012 with more great presentations, speakers, and opportunities to network with other schools. I didn't get to attend the annual Treasury Institute Symposium this year, and I won't make this year either (I've already booked for some onsite work), but you should check it out. Charleston should be beautiful.

Personally, it has been the busiest of years. I found myself flying about 100,000 miles (not points, actual miles) this year. That meant I was on the road a lot, and I'm still trying to figure out if my wife thinks this is a good or a bad idea... Somehow, I managed to survive the middle seats, delayed flights, standby anxiety, and TSA security theater. I think next year I'll just buy more caramel corn at the airport to smooth out the travels.

In addition to traveling, I managed to blog more than I ever imagined with posts here, my (almost) weekly column at, and at 403 Labs' own blog. Throw in a week at RSA and really interesting speaking gigs with EDUCAUSE, SACUBO, and a few others, and it was a pretty interesting year.

Thanks to all of you who are clients, thanks to all of you who are not, and thanks to the Treasury Institute for all they do.

See you all in 2012.

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