Tuesday, January 3, 2012

PCI Workshop - Last Call for Speakers!

I am finalizing the agenda for the upcoming PCI Workshop. I have some interesting schools presenting, and I'm really happy to announce that I have managed to wrangle Mike Dahn as our guest speaker. Mike is a security expert and has been closely involved with PCI DSS since the earliest days. He (together with his partner) developed and led the training for QSAs for several years, so he knows what he is talking about. Mike spoke once before a couple of years ago, and he electrified the audience. I'm sure that this year will be the same. I am also hoping to have the PCI Council back with us again.

But that is only part of the picture.

As most of you know, this is a 3-day workshop -- April 23-25, 2012 -- exclusively for Higher Education. I still need a few speakers to round out the agenda. If you are willing and able to share your experience, please let me know (wconway@403labs.com). Here are some topic areas that you have told me you would like to hear more about:

  • How do I get my Micros dining system (or hotel operation) compliant?
  • How can I reduce my campus' PCI scope (changing processes, networks, etc.)?
  • Where does Voice-over-IP (VOIP) fit, and how does it affect my PCI scope?
  • What does a dedicated payment workstation look like?
  • How do other schools allocate costs across departments and secure funding for PCI compliance?
  • Policies: what have other schools done to develop and implement all the policies required by PCI?
  • A team presentation: What the business side needs to know about IT; What IT needs to know about the business side. Maybe with two people from different schools!?! Let me know.
  • Or...just about anything you found important.
In case you need an incentive, how about this: speakers attend the workshop free, and the Treasury Institute pays your hotel expenses. About all you have to do is get yourself there.

The success of the workshop relies on schools sharing their experiences and learning with each other. Please shoot me an email or leave a comment (I moderate them, so I'll see it and it won't be published) and I'll be in touch.

I'll look forward to seeing you in April. Now after you email me with your speaking ideas, get over to the Institute's website and register!

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