Friday, December 2, 2011

ACH email Scams May Be a Teachable Moment

Have you received any of those "Your ACH has failed" or "NACHA Transaction Alert" emails in the past few weeks. I have, and I deleted them immediately. I did that because they are spam.

If you received these emails, then you noticed they were very brief. They also contained a link or downloadable file, which I really, really hope you didn't click.

The good news is that these emails are a teachable moment. My colleague, Morgan Tremper (he runs our scanning support group and is a general security whiz) wrote a good piece at the 403 Labs blog (you can click here to read it). He says it better than I, so I won't repeat his thoughtful analysis.

My point is that in this season of endless appeals for our generosity, it may be a good time to alert all your staff that it is no time to go clicking on ANYTHING in an email they were not expecting.

Call me a Grinch if you like, but I'd rather be a safe Grinch than Pwned. That is not a very good holiday gift, either.

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