Thursday, February 23, 2012

Physical Security Matters, Too

I have a couple of very nice brief cases that I've collected over the years. There is the Coach one I sometimes use, and the rather nice (!) Ferragamo one I bought in London that always gets compliments, and the standby LandsEnd (actually, about the third as the others wore out or died happy deaths of very old age). But I find these days with airplanes that resemble third-world busses and my need to carry my laptop and assorted toys, that I'm using my backpack while the beautiful briefcases gather dust.

Good thing.

If you don't believe me, read this description of a "security breach" in Paris. Seems the guy had sensitive papers in his briefcase, and got distracted in a train station. The result is the bad guys got away with his company's papers.

I wonder if they just wanted the (high end) briefcase?

My backpack is looking better and least I don't set it down either while buying train tickets or rescuing damsels in distress. Oh yes, it's encrypted, too.

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