Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is Your Website Hacked?

A report today in ThreatPost identifies a number of university websites that have been hacked to redirect visitors to sites hosted by some bad guys.

The Web sites of some of the nation's top universities were discovered to be serving up links to bogus online stores offering everything from popular software by Microsoft to student visas and Viagra, according to a report from security firm zScaler. Portions of Websites belonging to Harvard University, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University were found to be redirecting visitors to phony online Web "stores," using multiple languages, that claim to sell software and other goods at discounted prices. The hijacked Web sites have relatively high search engine rankings, which are used to promote the phony Web stores in search results, Zscaler said.

Other sites were similarly compromised including some commercial and government ones. The pattern was the same: redirecting visitors to phony store sites.

How is you school's website doing? It may be worth a look.

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