Monday, August 9, 2010

Phishing Does NOT Take a Vacation

I just heard from a school that one of their campus merchants received a phone call today from a caller identifying themselves as "PCI." The caller wanted the merchant to go through some sort of "authentication process" that would install a "data compliance patch" (read: malware) on their terminal. The merchant very intelligently requested a call back number, which the caller would not provide (surprise...).

The good part is that it looks like this school's training program paid off. The merchant didn't do what the caller/criminal wanted, and they contacted their school's PCI coordinator to report the incident.

I'd ask each of you a simple question: If one of your campus merchants got a similar phishing call, are they trained to react the same way as the person above and refuse to go along with the request? If your answer is anything -- ANYTHING -- but a firm "yes," you might want to take a fresh look at updating your training program.

In the meantime, I'd suggest every school pass the word to their merchants that the bad guys are not taking the summer off. Do not let your school get trapped in a social engineering payment card scam.

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