Tuesday, August 3, 2010

PCI DSS Update

Thanks to NACUBO's partnership with the Treasury Institute and their becoming a Participating Organization, I listened to an "open mic" session with the PCI Council. I heard some interesting information.

First, we can expect the revised DSS to be officially "version 2.0." This is not necessarily big news, and it reflects the new 3-year lifecycle rather than any extensive changes expected. NACUBO (and any of you who are Participating Organizations) can expect a summary of the changes around August 12, which is before they will be made public.

The revised DSS will be "pre-released" in September, probably just before the Community Meeting on the 21-23rd. Version 2.0 of the DSS will be released to the public on October 28th. Based on the new lifecycle, version 2.0 will be effective on January 1, 2011, but the current standard v 1.2 will not "sunset" (i.e., go away) until December 2011. Since v 2.0 will be announced at the end of October, that gives you 14 months to comply with it.

There was also news on the Special Interest Groups (SIGs). We can expect to see a report on EMV (chip cards) and scoping at the Community Meeting, with reports on tokenization and point-to-point encryption later in the year.

Both the dates for the release of the revised DSS and the SIG reports are later than I and many others had hoped. Bob Russo recognized this in his opening remarks when he asked for patience from all parties. Meanwhile, mark you calendars for late October!

The Council has recordings of its webinars and open mic sessions on its website (click here) so you can listen to them at your leisure. The webinars are free, but you do need to register.

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