Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping Informed

One of the hardest parts about payments and PCI is keeping informed of new developments, state laws, emerging threat vectors, and ideas about what may be coming. You are already making a start by reading this blog (c'mon...what did you expect me to say!?!), and I recommend you check out the other blogs I've recommended on the right.

Another source of information is the Society of Payment Security Professionals which publishes The SPSP Wire. This is a monthly newsletter highlighting recent developments (you can register to get it free via email by clicking here). The current edition also has a preview of the upcoming issue of Secure Payments magazine. The Q3 issue of the magazine (available online and soon in print to SPSP members) has my latest article on developing your internal security policies, so it'll be sure to sell out quickly... You might want to check out both. (Usual disclosure: I am on the SPSP Advisory Board, write for the magazine, and with others review potential articles; I have no business interest).

Then again, you could just keep coming back here!

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