Wednesday, September 2, 2009

40 Years Young and Going Strong

Where were you on September 2, 1969?

Doubtless, many of you weren't yet born, but I remember I was starting my senior year at college, hoping not to be drafted, sweating grad school admission applications, wondering what this "Woodstock" happening was all about, and trying to figure out my new role as a residence hall counselor (hey, it paid the tuition). While I was doing all that in beautiful Indiana, some folks at UCLA were connecting two computers with a cable. Later, a computer at Stanford Research Institute (where I spent about 10 happy, intense years) was connected and before you knew it ARPANET (Advance Research Projects Agency NETwork) was born.

ARPANET became the Internet which I remember well. Then in the 90's came the worldwide web and the rest, as they say, is history. There is a short video at National Geographic (thanks to SANS Internet Storm Center for pointing this out).

So as you surf over to buy a book, check out a blog, or watch a webcast, quietly sing a verse from "Happy Birthday" to the Internet, 40 years young and going strong!

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