Thursday, November 8, 2012

2013 PCI DSS Workshop - Call for Topics and Presenters

The Treasury Institute's tenth (!) PCI DSS workshop will be May 13-15 in Indianapolis.  Click here to go to the website to register and for hotel information.

This is also the start of my call for speakers and topics.  What do you want to see covered this year?  Is mobile still hot?  What about cloud and ecommerce implementations?  How good are your policies?  What do you do for remote events (e.g., athletics, golf tournaments, etc?).  Are you ready for EMV chip cards?  What is the latest from the card brands (e.g., see here)?

This year, in response to your comments from past workshops, we expect to have separate IT and Business tracks for one half-day (probably Tuesday afternoon).  That means the Institute (and I, as organizer) want to hear from presenters about IT-specific (be as geeky as you want) and Business -specific (be as practical as you want) subjects.  If we get some good ideas and speakers, we'll go with the separate tracks on Tuesday pm.

Speakers get special treatment to thank them for their time.  The Institute will pay for speakers' hotel, and they attend the workshop for free.  If you propose a joint presentation, only one speaker will get the hotel and comped conference fee.  About all you have to do is get yourself to Indy (especially since two breakfasts and lunches are included).   Speakers also get the opportunity to sharpen their presentation skills in an open and supportive atmosphere with a group of their peers.

Please contact me directly ( to propose a presentation.  I look forward to being flooded with suggestions.

It is now up to you!  Please feel free to re-post this announcement to appropriate listserves and bulletin boards.

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