Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Special Interest Groups for 2013

Do you have questions about PCI?  Is there a technology you want to know more about?  Is there some part of PCI that drives you or your colleagues nuts (er, that's a technical term...)?  If so, then the topic might be a good one for a Special Interest Group (SIG).

The Council is looking for suggestions for the 2013 SIGs.  As a Participating Organization, NACUBO has the opportunity to nominate topics.  But to do that, NACUBO needs to hear from you.  Please reply to this post or send an email to me (wconway@403labs.com) or Tom Davis (tdavis@iu.edu) with your suggestion.  The deadline if July 31.

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  1. Some of my schools just do not understand which SAQ they should be completing and err on the side of the least rigorous standard. Could we PLEASE make it clear that IF your PCI data is going over your campus network, you're a SAQ D?