Monday, April 30, 2012

PCI Certification Program for Application Resellers and System Integrators

There is great news for every campus merchant who has a PA-DSS application installed and maintained by a reseller or system integrator.  The PCI Council is launching a training and certification program on PCI standards and the importance of correct implementation and installation of PA-DSS validated applications to make sure that the merchant stays PCI compliant.

The new program - called Qualified Implementer and Reseller, or QIR - is aimed at those implementers and resellers of payment application software.

The program applies to all kinds of PA-DSS applications, from food service to parking lots.  While many of these resellers and integrators are doing an excellent job, some have been challenged with installing and configuring the payment applications securely.  The result in some cases has been a data breach that leaves the merchant in an unfortunate position.

The Council expects to launch this course in mid-summer.  There will be more information coming, so watch this space!  In the meantime, if you use a system reseller or integrator, have a word with them about the QIR program.  They, too, will want to monitor developments.

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