Friday, August 26, 2011

PCI Tokenization Buyer's Guide Available

I am very pleased and excited to tell you about a project I just completed. That project was to write a buyer's guide for tokenization. The project was sponsored by Intel Corporation. While they got to look at the draft, I (and my colleagues at 403 Labs) had complete editorial independence and control. The result is a vendor-neutral, technology-neutral discussion of tokenization, how it might reduce your PCI scope, how to evaluate alternative vendor products, and what you can expect.

Together with the guidance from the PCI Council, I hope this Buyer's Guide will help merchants determine if tokenization is right for them, and if it is how they should evaluate their options. If your bookstore, food service operation, parking garages, or other auxiliary organization has any retail-type payment activities, they likely are (or should) be looking at tokenization as a way to reduce their PCI scope. This guide was designed for them.

You can download a pdf of the white paper at Intel's website. I hope you find it useful.

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