Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vote for NACUBO on PCI Board of Advisors

If your institution is a Participating Organization on the PCI Council, this post is for you. Specifically, I would like to ask you to vote for NACUBO's nominee to the Board, MaryFrances McCourt. Electing MaryFrances would not only add a very qualified professional (to an already impressive Board), it would give Higher Education a voice at the table where PCI decisions are made.

The PCI Council is holding elections for its Board of Advisors. There are nominees from merchants, financial institutions, and vendors. The top vote getters serve a 2-year term. This is why I am asking if your institution is a member, you make sure to vote for NACUBO's nominee as your top (and maybe only) choice.

Voting is open now and continues until April 8.

MaryFrances is Treasurer of Indiana University. She is active in industry and professional activities outside of IU, and she has been an active proponent of PCI compliance at IU and other forums nationwide. Her hands-on experience in dealing with achieving PCI compliance in an extremely complex environment (a large university) means she can represent Higher Ed's issues and perspective to the PCI Council. Please understand that while MaryFrances works for IU, as a member the PCI Board of Advisors she would represent NACUBO and all Higher Ed, not her institution.

If you are reading this blog and you are not a Higher Ed institution, that means that as a vendor, perhaps, Higher Ed is important to you. May I ask that you please consider voting for MaryFrances and NACUBO as being in both your and your customers' interest?

If your school is a are Participating Organization, make sure you vote for NACUBO's nominee. It is in your own self interest and that of your colleagues at Higher Ed institutions nationwide.

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