Thursday, November 18, 2010

New SAQs Released and Revised for PCI 2.0

The PCI Council has posted the SAQs for PCI v2.0 on its website (click here to download them).

I'm still looking at them, and I'll have more to say later. It is interesting that there are now two versions of SAQ C. There is plain, old SAQ C (still checking revisions) and a new SAQ C-VT for virtual terminal users.

The same restriction that made this SAQ so difficult to use in practice is in place for both versions, i.e., the terminal can't be connected to any other locations or systems in your environment. Nevertheless, it may be worth a look.

One BIG change in SAQ C-VT is that there is no vulnerability scanning requirement. That's right -- there is no Requirement 11 at all.

I'll be writing more when I have a chance to look at all the SAQs more carefully, but you may want to take a look yourself in the meantime.

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