Friday, May 7, 2010

PCI Workshop #7 Is Over

This week saw the Treasury Institute's seventh PCI Workshop in Indianapolis. We had about 140 attendees representing over 80 institutions nationwide. The agenda covered a good range of business and IT topics of current interest. Highlights included the great Higher Ed speakers who devoted the time and energy to share their experiences with PCI with the audience.

Two other highlights were our keynote speakers, Anton Chuvakin and Bob Russo. You can read Anton's take on the workshop (hint: he found it an education, too!) here and even download his best PCI presentation ever. BTW, if you download it, you might not want to share the 'kitten bit' slide (see his post script) with your children... Bob's always dynamic and informative presentation covered developments at the PCI Council including some general ideas, but nothing on the revisions to PCI in October. (Note: Bob made me promise not to blog about anything he said, so I am not going to get in trouble with him...again...)

Our expert panel -- which included both Anton and Bob plus Don Roeber of Fifth Third Processing Solutions and Marco Mabante of Elavon -- was outstanding. They answered questions on PCI scoping, hotel compliance, tokenization and end-to-end encryption, SAQs, and a whole host of specific attendee questions.

Congratulations to Dennis Reedy and the Treasury Institute for a great workshop. If you missed it, mark your calendars for early May next year when we'll do it all again but with a completely different program, as usual.

I don't know about the rest of the attendees, but I'm pooped. So I found the perfect way to relax and recharge: I'm running the 500 Festival half-marathon tomorrow (Saturday). Wish me luck!

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