Friday, March 12, 2010

The PCI Council Speaks

Fellow blogger and good friend Anton Chuvakin (aka, Security Warrior) managed to score an exclusive interview with Bob Russo and Troy Leach of the PCI Council while at the RSA Conference. (I think I'm hurt...Bob only talked informally to me.) Click here to read it.

In the interview Bob (General Manager, PCI Security Standards Council) and Troy (Chief Technology Officer) make a number of good points about the need for merchants to be educated about what PCI is and how it can protect them. They also rightfully emphasize that security of your systems and data is paramount.

I found a couple of things particularly interesting. First, they seemed to dismiss my forecast that the revised PCI standard will require automated data discovery tools. Darn; missed that one. Another suggestion that I and others have pondered is the development of tiered compliance requirements, maybe one for small merchants and another for larger ones; or maybe one for merchants and one for processors. Bob and Troy knock that one down, sadly, but with good justification. I still think the idea has merit and ought to be explored.

Here's your bonus. Both Anton and Bob will be keynote speakers at the Treasury Institute's PCI Workshop in May. Maybe this time you can be the one to score an exclusive interview with one or both of them! Registration is open (shameless plug...).

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