Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is Your Schools' Bank Account About to be Emptied?

If you don't follow Brian Krebs' blog, you ought to. He has posted a series of reports (the latest is here) of small and medium sized companies having their bank accounts emptied by fraudulent wire transfers. The culprit is the Zeus Trojan.

I talked about this attack vector at the Treasury Institute's recent Symposium. Some people felt they didn't need to worry since they have dual authorization on wire transfers. That may be the case, but please, please protect yourself from this attack by isolating any computer used to transfer funds. That is, don't use it to check your Facebook page or surf the net...EVER!

So far a number of small companies have been victims, their money disappearing to the Ukraine and other spots. The wire transfer companies got their fees so they don't care, and your bank will likely blame you - possibly with some good reason.

You don't want to join the ranks of Zeus victims.

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