Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PCI Update in NACUBO's Business Officer

The November issue of NACUBO's Business Officer is out with a report from Tom Davis and me on the PCI Community Meeting. You can see it here once its online. Golly, we even got featured on the cover, and they included our pictures at the end. FYI, Tom's the better looking one; I'm the one with (some) hair.

I blogged about the Community Meeting before (particularly here and here), but the Business Officer article gave us a chance to go into more detail and report in more organized fashion. I was also pleased that NACUBO included a link to the blog as well as our respective email addresses.

What's the point? The editors got it right away, and they highlighed it in box: PCI is being revised next year, and it is effective October 2010. That means you want to take advantage of the NACUBO-Treasury Institute partnership to stay informed and monitor developments. They will doubtless impact your campus and your job. Thanks to Matt Hamill and Carole Schweitzer at NACUBO for helping spread the word through the Business Officer.

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